The weekly Droomwevers workshops continue to run at full speed.
The weekly Droomwevers workshops continue to run at full speed. Henry is currently assisted by Moira who leads the artworkshops, Guusje (games), Niels (dance) and Kees as an all-round volunteer.
The school next to the Buurtzaak (De Toekomst) has also expressed interest in the Droomwevers workshops.We are now in agreement with this school since it Droomwevers offer to realiseren. We are also in discussion with the Revue de Pare who organize cultural programs for children as well as adults.
We often receive solicitations from artists, administrators and recently a sound engineer.
Some projects develop less quickly than others, such as the photo book project.
Two new books on English idioms are being developed, including songs and illustrations. Maestraccio is in charge of the music arrangements and Henry sings the songs in English. Ademir Arapovic and Arend Smit create the illustrations.

Graphic Designer Darren Smith
Darren Smith is a graphic designer from London, UK. He is responsible for designing the upcoming publication of Droomwevers’ Philoshopical ABC for Children. We are extremely pleased with the work that he has done for us. Darren has done a marvellous job. The book looks wonderful.
Darren Smith has helped Droomwevers in the past on several occasions and continues to do so. We are very grateful for his continuous support and wonderful products.

Malikka Rale
has been kind enough to write the bios for Droomwevers Philosophical ABC for Children and the African American ABC. Both books are nearing completion. She is a journalist from India who moved to The Netherlands with her husband recently. She has written the bios for the upcoming publications by Droomwevers. We are very lucky to have such a talented person helping us. Her clear and concise style of writing is exactly what we are looking for.

Nathan Y Jarvis
Illustrator & Designer
Nathan has been involved with Dreamweavers since 2012, doing pro bono projects for our foundation. His work is kid-wise and kid friendly. We are very lucky to have yet another great artist devoting his time and talent to our common goal of teaching and entertaining children between the ages of 7 and 12. Nathan is a pleasure to work with and we at Dreamweavers hope to continue our collaboration with this very talented artist who is great fun to work with.
Link to Nathan’s art:

Julia Krewinkel
Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Julia is an illustrator and graphic designer who, among other things, makes digital paintings of for instance birds. Using digital design is Julia’s preferred form of creating art. We at Dreamweavers welcome this. Julia’s has made two illustrations for our Green ABC, namely Bicycles and Bugs.
The Green ABC teaches children in a playful way to develop bigger environmental awareness. By using poems, songs and last but not least illustration we hope to teach children the importance of taking care of our planet.
Julia is a very talented young artist. The clean cut style of her illustrations is very appealing to us and fits in well with the other illustrations of the Green ABC. Naturally, we are elated that Julia has agreed to help us and we look forward to a rewarding partnership for both parties.
Link to Julia’s art: