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Ani couni chaouani
Father, have mercy on me

Original text

Dans le village lointain des petits indiens,
Près du feu, sorciers, squaws et indiens,
Chantent ensemble ce refrain:

Ani couni chaounani,
Ani couni chaounani;

Awawa bikana caïna,
Awawa bikana caïna;

Eiaouni bissinni,
Eiaouni bissinni

English Translation

In the distant village of little Indians,
By the fire, wizards, squaws and Indians,
Sing this chorus together:

Father, have mercy on me,
Father, have mercy on me;

Because I'm dying of thirst,
For I am dying of thirst;

Everything is gone - I have nothing to eat,
Everything is gone - I have nothing to eat.

Song: Iroquois traditional chant
Animation: Courtesy of Monde des Titounis
Text transciptions: Henry Muldrow